In 1983, Marie and I and our three children, Anna, Matt and Paddy moved to the farm that my maternal grandparents purchased in approximately 1910.  The local school district was named “Sunrise.”  My grandfather named the farm “Sunrise Farm” and we are proud to carry on the name and tradition of this third generation family farm.  Our farm is situated in East Central Alberta in Flagstaff County, northwest of Killam.

We farmed conventionally until 1995.  A course in Holistic Management changed our lives, how we farm, and most of all, how we have come to view the land.  

Our 800 acre farm consists of 600 acres of mixed grasses and legumes and 200 acres of native prairie, all certified organic since 2000.  The farm is holistically and organically managed. We believe that if the land is managed well, it will reflect on the health of the plant communities, resulting in healthy, nutritious and great tasting meats.

The pastures are divided into paddocks and the cattle are rotationally grazed.

We raise certified organic Angus/Galloway cross cattle, chickens, laying hens, turkeys and natural pork, all on pasture. We also custom graze yearling grass cattle.

Our adult children are all away from the farm working in various careers. However, the fact that one or all of them may like to return to farm at some future date, motivates Marie and I to continue farming using this model.

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