Perhaps one of the most important concepts that Holistic Management has taught us is to work closely with “mother nature” and if possible, mimic her example.  As a result, our Angus, Galloway and Highland cows calve in late May and throughout the month of June, much like wildlife.  Calves born at this time of year get off to a great start as the forages for their mothers are at an optimum level resulting in great milk production. Cows and calves are rotationally grazed on certified organic pastures composed of a blend of grasses and legumes.  Our native pastures are grazed in the fall to allow undisturbed spring and summer habitat for various bird species to nest and raise their young.  In the winter months, certified organic hay is fed.  All minerals fed to benefit animal health are also certified organic. The calves are either grass finished on our farm and sold as certified organic beef, or they are sold to another organic farmer who finishes them and sells them into the organic market.

We direct market our beef from the farm. Contact us for details.

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