Over the years, Sunrise Farm has been positively influenced by a number of partnerships.

Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration  

In 1984, we sourced our first tree seedlings from PFRA and have planted trees in shelterbelts almost every year since then.  Shelterbelts provide many benefits:

Ø      Reduce wind

Ø      Control blowing snow

Ø      Protect livestock, buildings and gardens

Ø      Trap snow for dugouts

Ø      Promote and increase biodiversity

Ø      Attract pollinating insects

Ducks Unlimited Canada

In 1991, Ducks Unlimited Canada built a project on our farm that has resulted in an abundance of biodiversity and wildlife. This project helps us to realize one of our farm goals which is to have the water coming down the creek and through our farm to be as clean or cleaner when it leaves.  Wetlands are valuable in that they;


Ø      Filter nutrients and improve water quality

Ø      Provide high natural biological biodiversity

Ø      Influence local weather

Ø      Help with salinity control

Ø      Offer agricultural opportunities and benefits

Ø      Recharge groundwater

Ø      Stabilize flows and reduce flooding

Ø      Provide recreational opportunities

Cows and Fish

The Cows and Fish Program of awareness of riparian areas and their health has helped us to realize that we can make a big difference in the landscape by our land management practices.  Riparian areas are the green zones around lakes and wetlands.  They provide a number of valuable functions such as;

Ø      Trap, store and slowly release water

Ø      Buffer the impacts of floods and droughts

Ø      Filter water, improving quality

Ø      Maintain high levels of biodiversity (fish, wildlife and plants)

Ø      Forages for livestock

In 2001, Cows and Fish conducted a Riparian Health Inventory on one of our riparian areas. The area scored "healthy but with problems." A second assessment was done in 2006 resulting in a score of "healthy." This positive increase in health was due to the awareness brought to our farm by the Cows and Fish Program.

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