We believe that, along with a proper diet and animal welfare, chickens, turkeys and hogs should have the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor environment.  Some refer to it as a “free range” model; others call it “minimum security.”

Certified Organic Chickens, Laying Hens and Turkeys

Our chicks and turkey poults arrive from Rochester Hatchery the day after they are hatched and spend 3 weeks in our brooder barn.  From there, they are moved to shelters in our pastures.  Each shelter has a gravity flow watering system and a self feeder of organic feed.  Every morning, the shelters are moved the length of the shelter to a fresh patch of grasses, legumes, forbs and various insects.  All of these plants have root systems that penetrate the soil to various depths.  These root systems nourish the plant and when the plant is consumed, it contributes and adds to the overall health of the birds.  They also have the opportunity to scratch and take dust baths. 

Natural Pork 

Hogs are social in nature and have the opportunity to enjoy “being hogs” in the model that we use to raise them.  Shelters are equipped with a gravity feed watering system, self feeder and a roof to shade them from the hot sun and inclement weather.  Their feed contains no animal by products, medication or artificial growth hormones. The shelters are moved twice daily.  Grasses, legumes and forbs are a part of their diet, and along with the exercise that they enjoy, translate into tasty and tender pork.  Hogs like to wallow in mud and root with their snout.  This model allows them to do both.  If there is such a thing as “Five Star” accommodation for hogs, we think that we are close to providing it.

Our farm is certified for its organic status by QMI - SAI GLOBAL

We are also certified by Local Food Plus

LFP certification standards address environmental and social sustainability:

  • Employ sutainable production systems that reduce or eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and conserve soil and water
  • Provide healthy and humane care for livestock
  • Provide safe and fair working conditions for on-farm labour
  • Protect and enhance wildlife habitat and biodiversity
  • Reduce on-farm energy consumption

We direct market poultry and pork from the farm. Please contact us for details.

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