Holistic Management has been a major influence on how we farm and how the farm is continuing to develop and evolve.  The philosophy of Holistic Management is profoundly simple; decide what you want in life, link it to your production model and open your mind to a new way of thinking.  Use that as a simple framework to bring in new tools and make decisions in a socially and environmentally sound way.

Some of the new tools and practices we have adopted include

  • Raising certified organic beef, poultry, eggs and natural pork
  • Using a free range, pasture model to graze the livestock and poultry
  • Planting thousands of trees and berry shrubs in shelterbelts and wildlife habitat covers
  • Mounting hundreds of bird houses along the perimeter fences of our fields
  • Fencing off the riparian areas around creeks and wetlands on our farm

These practices not only ensure our economic livelihood, but also contribute to the sustainability of our farm. If the farm is to be economically sustainable then it has to be environmentally sustainable. Clean water, healthy soil and fresh air are critically important to the health of the land. The wholesome food raised and grown on our farm, in turn, contributes to our family's health and to the health of the consumers who support us. The greatest benefit of these practices, though, has been to help us understand the awesome responsibility we have to be stewards of Creation. By caring for the land and nurturing all that it grows and provides for us we are continually striving for our farm to be a model of enduring stewardship.

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