Sunrise Farm has been certified organic since 2000.  This involves a yearly inspection by an accredited certifying agency that ensures our farm is adhering to the rules and regulations of organic farming.  We chose to farm organically for our own health as well as for the health of the land.  The last many years have shown a steadily developing trend by consumers to purchase organically grown food.  As a result, the consumer is becoming more conscious of how food is grown and raised.

We feel that “stewardship,” when practiced in partnership with organic farming methods, goes a long way toward satisfying the concern for the environment. It also takes the health of the land to another level.  It adds another dimension that promotes and maintains biodiversity.

Webster defines stewardship as “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to ones care.”  Stewardship has provided us with a different way of looking at the land.   Entrusted to our care on Sunrise Farm, are wetlands, creeks, riparian areas, native prairie, trees, animals, insects, and birds as well as the livestock that we raise.  A large part of our task is farming in harmony with nature. 

As a result, we view the land much like Aldo Leopold who said:

“We abuse the land because we regard it as a community belonging to us.  When we see the land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

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