The organic - free range – stewardship model of farming that we practice here at Sunrise Farm continues to receive a growing number of inquiries. To address this issue we offer a “Vocation – Vacation.” People who are interested in learning more about this model are now welcome to come to our farm for an extended visit. Visitors may wish to get involved in the day to day chores or simply tag along.


You will have the opportunity to see sustainable farming practices that have been adopted to promote stewardship of the land. Our goal is that you will leave with a greater understanding of this model. Topics presented will include the following:

Ø Holistic Management

Ø Animal welfare

Ø Free-range grazing model for chickens, laying hens, turkeys, pheasants and hogs

Ø   Rotational livestock grazing management

Ø Portable solar powered water pumping system

Ø Locally grown food

Ø Biodiversity

Ø Value of Wetlands

Ø Riparian health

Ø Shelterbelt planning

Ø Wildlife tree planting

Ø Spirituality of the land

We welcome up to four adults per visit. Your home for your stay will be a New England Dovetail Timber Cabin, off the grid, built on native prairie, overlooking a thriving wetland and surrounded by a healthy riparian area. Meals are available.

When: May 1 – August 31

Fee: Negotiable on contact


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