Meet the Baileys

Since first moving to Carp in 1975, Ron and Jean – along with their growing family – cultivated crops under the Sunrise Farm banner.  Each son has been responsible over the years for managing one of the crops under the watchful eyes of their father and mother.  From planting corn seeds to pulling weeds in the pumpkin patch to gently harvesting tomatoes, Ron and Jean instilled a love of things that grow.

This tradition continues into the third generation, and members of the Bailey clan can be seen on the farm throughout the growing season, working with pride to nurture the finest crops in Eastern Ontario.   

The Sunrise Farm estate

Situated along a tributary to the Carp River, Sunrise Farms enjoys some of the most fertile land in the Ottawa Valley. The 24 acres are divided into several small fields, with each crop rotated after several years to preserve the quality of the soil.

The farm is owned and managed by the farmers.